Müşteri İlişkileri

As Customer Relations, we follow and handle every wish and expectation about our firm and leasing services of yours. We follow the process of your wishes and expectations that registered in the customer claim form, due to accomplish within the specified time and we give informations during the process. Besides with the regular surveys we work as Department of Customer Relations, and we look for the best way to serve perfectly to our customers.

As Budget Customer Relations, our main goal is not to maintain cases, but to accomplish ‘’Absolute customer satisfaction'’ and with this way, to not to get any complaints and be decisive about our customers’ expectations.

E-mail for your complaints and opinions about domestic and foreign car rental:contact form

Getting information about price lists for domestic and foreign rental and rental conditions, and also booking process of car renting, E-mail: rez@budget.com.tr

Customer Application Management Process

Transmission of request

It is possible for our customers to contact with us with various ways; via call center, e-mail and company's website.


All of the customer’s complaints are recorded and assessed freely. The record of the compliment is declared to customer via e-mail or phone in one business day.

Detailed survey and assessment

Complaints are assessed by our customer representatives. Our goal is to convert complaints to customer satisfaction with the first contact. The issues that aren’t solved by the first contact and that are needed to be detailly survey and assessment are managed and finalized by expert groups within limit of authority.

Finalization and response

Solving our customer problems as soon as possible is the first priority of our company. Each complaint is finalized transparently, objectively and customer orientedly according to our complaint administration with maximum care and attention.

Continuous Improvement

In our complaint process, our quality is continuously improved by reviewing. In order to prevent the repetition of complaints, our process is revised continuously. The most common complaints are followed regularly and after the improvements the rates of increase and decrease are assessed. When repetative problems are determined, the main reason should be determined by analyzing and required arrangements are conducted to not repeat it.