Budget Members Travel with Pleasure Through Storytel

Budget Members Travel with Pleasure Through Storytel

How Do I Join the Campaign?
You must first register on the Budget website to become a member. The promo code you receive will provide you a free 20-day Storytel trial period. When you click on the Storytel link found on our website, you will be redirected

Exclusive Offer Code for You
  • This campaign will be valid from July 14, 2021 to December 31, 2021 for Storytel memberships activated using the promo code provided from the Budget website.
  • The campaign entitles Budget customers to experience a 20-day free trial period on Storytel by subscribing through the link: https://www.storytel.com/tr/tr/Budget20
  • The campaign is exclusive to those who have not previously subscribed to Storytel. This MUST be your first Storytel subscription to benefit from the campaign
  • Each promo code is single-use only.
  • The campaign includes a 20-day trial period for first-time Storytel subscribers. If you cancel your subscription before the free trial period ends, you will be charged no fees
  • You campaign cannot be combined with other ongoing campaigns during your trial period.
  • Subscriptions made through the Storytel mobile app are not eligible for the campaign.
  • Subscriptions purchased through the Storytel website can be activated through the Storytel mobile app after logging in. Storytel’s subscription service does not offer any listening or reading options through the website.
  • When you subscribe on the Storytel website, the card you subscribe with will be temporarily charged 1TL for confirmation purposes.  This fee will be returned to your card within 3 days.
  • Unless you cancel your Storytel subscription before your 20-day free trial period ends, the card you subscribed with will be automatically charged ₺29.99 per month.
  • Budget and Storytel reserve the right to change the terms, length and scope of the campaign, with prior notice.
You can receive your unique promo code on the “Campaign Details” page after logging in to the Budget website.
  • Once you receive the promo code, begin the free trial period by performing the following steps:
    • The code received is only valid on the page accessed by clicking on the Storytel link found on the Budget website.
    • Once you are redirected to Storytel via the link on the Budget website, you should Subscribe to Storytel  using the code
You can log in to the Storytel mobile app using the email and password you specified in the subscription you created on Storytel. The mobile app is free of charge on İOS and Android. Enjoy your Storytel experience!