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The best thing to do to take a closer look at Van, which is a very special city with its history and nature, is to rent a car as soon as you set foot in the city. Afterwards, you can find answers to "What to eat in Van?" and "Where are the historical places of Van?" questions and more. You take care of the car rental process in Van, and we will be your guide with the information we receive from the local people. We wish you a pleasant tour.

What to Eat in Van?

What to Eat in Van?

Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Van is one of the must-visit destinations with its famous culinary culture. There are many local flavors specific to Van. These flavors include Çiriş pilaf, Van fish in tandoori, kurut aşı that reflects the magnificent combination of lentils and noodles, sengeser dish flavored with onion and lentils, murtuğa, which is an omelet specific to Van, borani with spinach, herb meatballs, helisa dish and many more. At the same time, it is recommended that you seek for the local delicacies such as büryan, ayran aşı, pearl mullet, çiriş, pickled thistle, walnut baklava and casserole. Moreover, you can have all of these flavors for lunch or dinner!

Where to Have Breakfast in Van?

Where to Have Breakfast in Van?

The famous Van breakfast menu offers a full feast of taste with local flavors such as herbal cheese, herbal tzatziki, kavut, murtuga and karakovan honey. While there are many different breakfast saloons that will make your Van trip enjoyable, there are traces of both Turkish cuisine and specifically Van cuisine in these destinations. To make a delicious start to the day, you can enjoy the comfort of getting a car rental service in Van.

Places to Visit in Van

Places to Visit in Van

Van Lake is the first stop of almost every visitor of Van. Locals of Bitlis call the lake the Tatvan Sea. According to them, 65 percent of the lake's shores are within the borders of Bitlis, so they have the right to say that. In addition, the volcanic Mount Nemrut, which caused the formation of the lake, is also within the borders of Bitlis. Nevertheless, do not take sides in this sweet competition and continue your tour.

Lake Van, Turkey's largest lake, is about 40 kilometers away from the center. You will see Akdamar Island and Carpanol Island, which stand like a hidden paradise in the middle of this unique lake. Especially Akdamar, the unique meeting of nature and history, is worth seeing in every aspect.

Lake Van basin is full of volcanic mountains that shape this basin. We can count Mount Nemrut, Mount Süphan (which is assumed as Mount Ararat by first-time visitors due to its magnificence) and Mount Yiğit. The lava that Mount Yiğit ejected during its active period created a natural beauty over time similar to that found only in Cappadocia. Van Fairy Chimneys, also known as Vanadokya, are one of the places you should definitely see if you have time. For this reason, let us remind you that you need to make a long but pleasant journey of 125 kilometers towards Yavuzlar Village of Başkale.

Where to Eat in Van?

Now is the time to take a short break from your tour. But it is up to you to turn this break into a feast. If you take your break by the lake, a dazzling facility awaits you in the region. Snow covered majestic mountains and cold waters will accompany you throughout the meal. If you took a break in the center, your alternatives are much more. You can have the chance to eat the healthy and natural delicious meats of the high plateaus of the East here.

Where Are the Historical Places of Van?

Where Are the Historical Places of Van?

Akdamar Church is the first place that comes to mind after Lake Van in the region. To reach the church, after going to Erciş, which is 100 kilometers from Van center, you travel 5 more kilometers to reach the lake shore. The motors departing to Akdamar Island await you there. After leaving your vehicle in Erciş and making a short journey on the lake, Akdamar Island greets you with its blue and green, just like the eyes of a Van cat. The Armenian church, popularly known as the Akdamar Church, but originally called the Surp Cross Church or Holy Cross Cathedral awaits you like an Eastern sage.

In spring months, you reach the church from the narrow paths where almond trees bloom. The history of Akdamar Church, one of the most successful examples of medieval Armenian art, dates back to the 900s AD. The interior of the church is decorated with plant and animal patters and depictions from scriptures. Do you know who is the person who saved Akdamar Church from demolition decision in 1951, just like many other churches? Yaşar Kemal, the great author whose family is from Ernis Village (called Ünseli today) on the skirts of Mount Süphan. In this respect, we owe a lot to the pioneer of Turkish literature.

Van Castle, which is only 5 kilometers away from the center of Van, must be included in your trip. Built by the Urartians in 9 BC and built on a hill overlooking the city to control the capital, Tusba, the castle is believed to have been constructed by the giants of that era. This rumor is likely to be one of your sweet travel memories.

Hoşap Castle, about 62 kilometers from the center of Van, is another castle brought to the region by the Urartians. It is possible to see the additional buildings such as madrasa, mosque, bath, cistern and dungeon built by the Ottomans in the 17th century.

You can come across a structure belonging to a different culture or belief at any time in Van. Seven Churches, also known as the Varak Surp Cross Monastery, is one of them. The building, which was built as an Armenian monastery in the 8th century, was formed by combining seven separate churches. If you want to see the monastery, you have to make a short journey to Yukarı Bakraçlı Village, which is 13 kilometers from the center of Van.

One of Van's most important structures is Hüsrev Pasha Mosque, built by the Ottomans in 1567. Although it is said that it was built by Mimar Sinan, the information is not certain. The number of people who believe that it was built by one of their journeymen is quite high. Is it still worth seeing? Of course.

Nightlife in Van

There are different places we can recommend to you after dinner. The few nightclubs in Van, where the tourists spend their time with pleasure as well as the locals of Van, may be included.

Car Rental in Van

You can discover the beauties of the city more comfortably and quickly after you make your car rental processes from the Budget Van office. You can make your booking for renting a car in Van by phone or via our website.

Budget Van Car Rental Office
Address: Emin Paşa Mah. Ferit Melen Airport İpekyolu Van
Phone: (0432) 216 5606

Lake Van: Van
Van Fairy Chimneys: Yavuzlar Village Van
Akdamar Church: Gevaş Van
Hoşap Castle: Güzelsu Mevki Gürpınar Van
Seven Churches: Yukari Bakraçlı Village Van