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It is necessary that all related documents must be provided.
  • Driver’s License (copy of both sides).
  • A valid credit card belonging to the individual (credit card with name, surname and card number on it)
  • It is also mandatory to apply an amount of deposit to credit cards of customers.
  • Reservation number or booking confirmation email.
  • Passport or a valid identity card.
Only the passport would be enough but in any case, we strongly recommend you to have another valid identity card.

Renting Terms

When you arrive at our local office, the vehicle will be ready to rent. Our first priority is to consider all possible outcomes to ensure that all our vehicles are ready to rent in terms of mechanical, technological and comfort. If you believe that these standards couldn’t be met, please inform the person that is in charge of rental.

Pre-rent Check

Before you pick up your vehicle, we kindly request you to check your car carefully and, if there is any scratch or damage that was not written in the agreement please do contact person in charge in order to rewrite the agreement. Otherwise you might be responsible of damages that are not written on the agreement.


The rented vehicle is delivered to you with full fuel tank and we kindly ask you to return the car with the same conditions. However, you may also be offered various Fuel Options. In such cases, you can choose any of the following Fuel Options.

First Option: If you are not sure about the distance that you will use the vehicle but planning to refuel, you can ask the vehicle to be delivered with full fuel tank and you won’t pay any service fee.

Second Option: If you don’t pick up the vehicle with a full fuel tank and you don’t have time to refuel, you will only pay for the fuel that you used. This fee may vary depending on the service fee per liter being applied in renting offices. You can ask the applicable service fee to our authorized employees in renting offices.

Pre-Rental Check

Our first priority is to exercise the necessary care for our vehicles to be ready for rental in terms of mechanics, technology and comfort. Our vehicle delivery officers will check your vehicle before delivering it to you, and prepare a vehicle delivery form for you. Carefully check the vehicle before signing the form, and if you encounter anything not mentioned on the form, notify our delivery officer. Damages not specified in the signed form will be deemed to have occurred during the rental period and will be your responsibility.


The vehicle you rented will be delivered to you with a full tank. If you do not return the vehicle with a full tank, fuel fee plus service fee will be reflected on your invoice. You can get information about the service fee from our officers in our rental offices.