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Our customers who make short-term rentals can conduct After Sales transactions via our website and mobile application. If you are not a member, in order to benefit from Budget Full Support Service, please sign up.

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The transactions you can do after sales through Budget' mobile application are as follows;

1. In the event of maintenance

  • To open contacts for periodic maintenance and assigning to a service, then receive notification contact numbers as SMS.
  • To be able to create an assurance policy request and renewal request.

2. In the event of damage;

  • To report damage and to open a damage contact.
  • To upload damage pictures and minutes from mobile

3. In the event of breakdown;

  • To open the fault contact and assign the relevant contact to an appropriate authorized service, receive information SMS.
  • In the process after the existing contact numbers, the user can call the service with the service information he/she has and make an appointment and perform transactions in the service through the contact number opened.
  • The application does not make an appointment from services.

4. Tire;

  • To be able to request a tire; to learn how much to pay if a contribution share is required and complete the request.
  • To able to find out where the ordered tires are as well as their status.

5. Operational transactions;

  • To request OGS/HGS.
  • To request a certificate of authorization for inspection.

6. Information and Feedback Contact

  • To open an information contact that will be directed to the center directly for feedback in order to receive information on any subject related to After Sales Services.
  • Ability to open a critical contact to be forwarded to the General Directorate.

What information is required to use the application?

  • A valid Budget rental car plate, name-surname and telephone number are required.

Why is license plate information required?

  • Memberships are made by plate number, not by name. For this reason, it is necessary to become a member again with the license plate of the vehicle picked up for short-term rental.
  • In long-term rentals, you can sign in with a fixed license plate and log in with a phone number and password.