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Hit the Road to Yalova

Hit the Road to Yalova

Yalova is a lovely city that attracts attention with its natural beauties and healing hot springs. The easiest way to get to know the city better is to rent a car, of course. After you rent a car in Yalova, which is the first step of a pleasant holiday, you can start exploring the city with the tips we received from the people of Yalova. "What are the places to visit in Yalova?" and "What to eat in Yalova?" We are sure that the answers we get to such questions will make it easier.

What to Eat in Yalova?

The first options that come to mind are leaf pita prepared with vine leaves, corn flour and yoghurt, and mille-feuille Yalova kebab which combines crispy dough and lamb meat. Termal wrap prepared with mushrooms and beef is also a very appetizing alternative. Locals of Yalova also recommend you to taste the famous Yalova milk or termal dessert.

Of course, it is possible to talk about the flavors unique to Yalova, apart from these. Wide culinary range of the city include kaçamak made with corn flour, böğür which is the favorite of meat lovers, chicken ravioli, pavli which is the combination of cabbage and minced meat, and okra dish with sour meatballs.

Where to Have Breakfast in Yalova?

Where to Have Breakfast in Yalova?

Yalova allows you to make a great start to the day with its breakfast places. In the city, it is possible to access the alternatives offered in the open buffet concept as well as the breakfasts enriched by local flavors. If you get Yalova car rental service, you can access the most delicious breakfast options in Yalova and enjoy natural products.

Where to Eat in Yalova?

It is possible to come across many Yalova restaurants that offer you unique tastes of Turkish cuisine, including salads, buffalo yoghurt, spicy paste and local flavors. Lamb tandoori, delicious olive oil dishes and unique desserts in the region will also be waiting for you in these places. When you make the right choices for your lunch and dinner and determine your route correctly, your Yalova trip can turn into a culinary feast.

Places to Visit in Yalova

Places to Visit in Yalova

Armutlu, which is a quiet town by the sea located 53 kilometers from the center, has many spots worth seeing. Hacı Ali Pasha Mosque and the Ottoman Bath, which have survived from the Ottoman period, are among the structures that people of Yalova definitely recommend you to see in Armutlu. In Fıstıklı Village, you can enjoy the sea on the quiet beaches or relax in the hot springs. Therefore, you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet day to the fullest.

For the relaxing effect of green and water, you should divert your route to Termal. You can have a picnic and a walk in Üvezpınar village, which is 22 kilometers from the city center, and you can see the unique beauty of Sudüşen Waterfall, which is 8 kilometers from the village.

Historical Places of Yalova

Historical Places of Yalova

During his visit to Yalova in 1929, Atatürk saw a great plane tree at the Millet Farm and orders a mansion to be built here. During the construction of the mansion, the officers wanted to cut a branch of the plane tree on the grounds that it would damage the roof and walls. However, Atatürk says that the tree should not be cut off, but that the mansion should be slid over rails. The Walking Mansion and the plane tree next to it became the two symbols of the city with this story. The building which has the biggest role in Yalova's history is undoubtedly the Walking Mansion and it must be included in your route.

Located 8.5 kilometers from the city center, Çiftlikköy is home to the Black Church, one of the most important witnesses of history. The building, which has survived from the Roman period to today, was built as a bath in the 6th century AD and started to be used as a church in the Byzantine period. Now, it is waiting for its visitors.

Nightlife in Yalova

Nightlife in Yalova

Yalova offers many options in terms of nightlife. If you want to sip your drinks accompanied with sea view and live music, there are various venues that can fulfill this request. Moreover, options that will increase your fun with different music performances are waiting for you. If you cannot find what you expect from Yalova nightlife, you can have the luxury of trying the venues on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, which is very close to the city.

Yalova Car Rental

Renting a car from the Budget Yalova office is the right step to explore the city easily with pleasure. You can make your booking for renting a car in Yalova by phone or via our website.

Budget Yalova Car Rental Office
Address: Bahçeli Evler Mah. Fatih Cad. Zambak Sok. No: 2/B Yalova
Phone: (0226) 811 4722

Ottoman Bath: Armutlu Yalova
Sudüşen Waterfall: Termal Yalova
Walking Mansion: İsmet Paşa Mah. İsmet Pasa Beach Walkway Yalova
Black Church: Çiftlikköy Yalova