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To rent, first enter your phone number and password.

You can get your password by logging into the Vodafone Yanimda application.

Vodafone Red clients Prefer Budget for their Car Rentals!

Vodafone Red clients Prefer Budget for their Car Rentals!

Vodafone Red Members Choose Budget for their Car Rentals!
To Make a Reservation Now, Call 444 4 722!
Vodafone Red members get 40% off at Budget.
Vodafone Red members get special treatment by the dynamic car rental brand Budget. To enjoy this collaboration offering 40% off all car rentals from economy to premium segments, all you need to do is log in to the Vodafone Yanımda app.

To get your code, log in to Vodafone Yanımda.
The code only applies to the transactions on budget.com.tr. A new code is required at the pick up point.

Campaign Participation and Car Rental Conditions
  • The campaign is valid within the borders of Republic of Turkey. All active Red members can benefit from the offer. Within the scope of the campaign, a 40% discount will be applied for Vodafone Red members over Budget's Current List Prices. In order to take advantage of the campaign, you can enter the World of Opportunities from Advantages Tab in the Vodafone Yanımda Application, and select Budget from the Travel Category. You can easily access your password with the Use Opportunity step.  
  • It is sufficient to tell the Budget office employee your participation password obtained from the Vodafone Yanımda application and mobile phone number, then your campaign will be approved. Users can benefit from the campaign unlimited times.
  • The campaign is valid for daily rentals. (Maximum 28 days)
  • Car reservation can be made through the Reservation Center (444 47 22) if desired. 
  • The discount right earned within the scope of the campaign cannot be transferred to anyone else. 
  • The campaign cannot be combined with other ongoing campaigns of the Company.
  • Budget General Rental Information and Conditions apply for car rentals. 
  • Budget and Vodafone reserve the right to make changes within the scope of the campaign. Vodafone is not responsible for any adverse conditions that may arise during the service provision of the service provider within the scope of the campaign.
  • You can access the details of the campaign from www.vodafone.com.tr/red, www.budget.com.tr and 444 4 722.
  • The campaign is limited to fleet opportunities. If the desired car is not available, an equivalent or a higher group car can be offered.
  • Budget Card will be requested by Budget Offices during rental.
  • The person who rented the car and the user of the line must be the same person.
  • The campaign is valid until 31.12.2023