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The first step you need to take to explore this part of the Mediterranean integrated with the nature is undoubtedly to rent a car. You can quickly book your Dalaman car rental from the Budget Dalaman Airport car rental office. After completing your Dalaman car rental process, the following questions will come to your mind: "What to eat in Dalaman?", "Which bays should I go?", "What are the places to visit in Dalaman?" We asked these questions to the locals of Dalaman and compiled the answers for you.

What to Eat in Dalaman?

What to Eat in Dalaman?

In Dalaman surrounded by the Dalaman Stream, Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea, the first answer to this question will be seafood, of course. Thicklip grey mullet, catfish, coral, and blue crab are at the top of this list. Sea bream and grouper are also the essentials of Dalaman cuisine. Stuffing made with Sılcan herb is one of the special local tastes. It should not be forgotten that the favorite dessert of Dalaman people, the kıtırmak halva. Dalaman's dishes give a unique joy as well as its unique nature, natural beauties and lively life.

Where to Have Breakfast in Dalaman?

Where to Have Breakfast in Dalaman?

Dalaman is a generous town. While presenting all shades of green and blue, it becomes the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists even during winter months, thanks to its mild climate. Beauties offered by its geography make themselves felt at every moment of the day including breakfast. We can say that there are many different alternatives to have breakfast in Dalaman. It is possible to find breakfast places where various tastes can be experienced in the town center as well as in the surrounding area.

Where to Have Lunch and Dinner in Dalaman?

Where to Have Lunch and Dinner in Dalaman?

Dalaman is an important tourism center and has many alternatives to eat. You can choose among the most suitable Dalaman restaurants according to your budget and your wishes. Although Dalaman is a place that stands out with its seafood, it can be said that it is also very successful in terms of red meat. Therefore, no single answer could be given to this question. It is suggested that you determine the most suitable places for your lunch and dinner while exploring the city.

Places to visit in Dalaman

Places to visit in Dalaman

When it comes to Dalaman, untouched bays surrounded by pine forests come to mind immediately. One of the best known of these bays is Sarsıla, which is about 17 kilometers from the center. The bay is one of the most popular spots in the region with its clear sea and green forests. 7 kilometer longSarıgerme Beach continues to be one of the most popular locations as it is only 13 kilometers away from the center.

Ekincik Bay, 66 kilometers from Dalaman, and Ölüdeniz, the world-famous beach of Fethiye, 56 kilometers away, are other spots where you can enjoy the sea.

In order to spend hours full of adrenaline on the Dalaman Stream, one of the most important rafting parkours in the world, you have to drive about 70 kilometers to Narlı Village. When you see the breathtaking beauty of Dalaman Stream, you will see that it is worth the distance you have covered.

It is worth reminding that Dalaman is in a very lucky location. Because this place is 89 km from Marmaris, 63 km from Gökova and only 45 km from Fethiye. Renting a car in Dalaman offers the opportunity to explore all these places.

Historical Places of Dalaman

Telmessos Ancient City is one of the places we recommend you to see around Dalaman. The history of the ancient city dates back to 500 BC. Telmessos is approximately 49 kilometers from Dalaman. This destination, which you can reach in a short time with your vehicle, allows you to witness the history.

Kaunos is another important ancient city in this region, which is reached by boats from Dalyan. After Kaunos, which attracts attention with its rock tombs at its entrance, you can go to İztuzu Beach, which is 12 kilometers from Dalyan. This 4.5 kilometer beach is known as the home of carettacarettas as well as its natural beauties. İztuzu was selected as "the best beach in Europe" by the Dutch holiday site Zoover and weather forecast company Meteovista in 2011, and the "best open area in Europe" by the British newspaper the Times in the same year. It is worth seeing, what do you think?

Hippokome, where the Roman and Byzantine ruins are exhibited, is one of the important ancient cities around Dalaman. You should not leave Dalaman without seeing the rock tombs of the city, which is about 30 kilometers from the center.

Nightlife in Dalaman

Dalaman has a more modest nightlife compared to other holiday resorts in the Aegean and Mediterranean. Both locals and tourists prefer to have fun in small venues rather than parties lasting until the morning. However, those who are search for more vibrant nightlife are very advantageous at this point, because people often leave the town for a short time since it is very close to Fethiye and Marmaris!

Dalaman Car Rental

After you rent a car from the Budget Dalaman car rental office, you can explore Dalaman with pleasure. You can make your booking for renting a car in Dalaman by phone or via our website.

Budget Dalaman Car Rental Office

Address: Dalaman Airport Domestic Terminal Arrivals Lounge
Phone: (0252) 7925150


Sarsala Bay: KapıkargınDalaman
Sarıgerme Bay: SarıgermeOrtaca
Ekincik Village: EkincikKöyceğiz
Ölüdeniz: ÖlüdenizFethiye
Dalaman Stream: Narlı Village Dalaman
Telmessos Ancient City: KesikkapıFethiye
Kaunos Ancient City: Çandır Town Dalyan
İztuzu Beach: Dalyan
Hippokome Ancient City: Çöğmen Village Dalaman