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Each city in the Aegean Region has a different charm and a different story. Known as the textile city, Denizli is among the provinces that should be visited due to its unique natural beauties and culture.

Although the center of attraction is Pamukkale, Denizli is a city that promises you special features. We recommend that you first consider renting a car in Denizli in order to discover ancient cities, natural beauties and unique flavors. If you picked up your vehicle, you can start asking questions such as "What to eat in Denizli?", "How to discover the historical places of Denizli?" to take off for an exciting trip.

What to Eat in Denizli?

What to Eat in Denizli?

Denizli cuisine is quite rich and its flavors are very appetizing. With red meat in the leading role, delicacies unique to Denizli include unforgettable meals such as yen pastry, well kebab, arabaşı soup, gömme eggplant with olive oil, keshkek, katmer, çiğ dolma, tarhana soup, çaputaşı, eggplant kapama, cowpea pastry, pepper tatari, pancakes, cerpleme, zucchini meal with molasses, filled pastry and yoghurt meatballs. Therefore, you will need to explore the culinary mosaic of this city instead of trying to find a single answer for "What to eat in Denizli?"

Where to Have Breakfast in Denizli?

Cankurtaran, one of the most popular recreation spots in the city, is an ideal stop for the first meal of the day. There are many places that serve village style breakfast here. Delicious sheet pastry, fresh cream and village cheese are the stars of breakfast tables filled with organic products in a spacious and enjoyable atmosphere. Toast alternatives are also considered as an important option when it comes to breakfast in Denizli. Those looking for a fast and delicious breakfast can enjoy starting the day with egg toast or Denizli bagel.

Where to Have Lunch and Dinner in Denizli?

Where to Have Lunch and Dinner in Denizli?

As we have just mentioned, Denizli cuisine is very rich and Denizli restaurants reveal this richness. There are many different places that can be preferred for lunch and dinner. You can have very enjoyable meals both in the center and in Denizli districts, especially in meatball and kebab restaurants.

Places to Visit in Denizli

Places to Visit in Denizli

Pamukkale, about 17 km from the center, is no doubt the number one among places to visit in Denizli. Pamukkale, which is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a unique place looking like a fairytale land. Pamukkale, which attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is one of the natural beauties that must be visited with its unique appearance resembling cotton.

You only have to travel 32 kilometers to see the famous Karahayıt red travertines. It can be an interesting experience to see the red of Karahayıt after the whiteness of Pamukkale.

Keloğlan in Acıpayam, which is about 69 kilometers away from Denizli, and Kaklık caves, 32 kilometers away, are two of the places worth seeing. Kalkık cave is located in Honaz district. There is thermal water in the cave and it is known that this clear, colorless and sulfur-smelling thermal water is good for some skin diseases. The small amphitheater, viewing areas and pergolas around the cave attract attention of tourists.

Historical Places of Denizli

Historical Places of Denizli

You will understand how right is to rent a car in Denizli while visiting the historical places in the city. You can start your tour of Denizli's historical sites and structures from Laodikeia Ancient City founded in 261 BC, and the Hierapolis Archeology Museum, 10 kilometers further.

You should definitely see the magnificent Akhan Caravanserai, one of the important Seljuk structures in the west, and the Aphrodisias Ancient City, which is about 80 kilometers from the center. Aphrodisias, which is a part of Denizli although it is within the borders of Aydın, is an extremely impressive destination discovered by photographer Ara Güler years ago as a result of an incredible coincidence.

Servergazi Tomb, located in the central district of Denizli and near Yeşilköy, continues to stand with its original architectural structure today. We would like to remind you that this very impressive historical monument can also be added to the route.

Denizli Nightlife

Although Denizli nightlife is not very active, it can be said that there are many different places to be preferred. When choosing among places to go after a delicious dinner, you can evaluate your priorities among the bars.



Cankurtaran Recreation Area: Denizli-Acıpayamyolu
Karakayıt Cave: KarakayıtDenizli
Kaklık Cave: HonazDenizli
Laodikeia Ancient City: GoncalıDenizli
Hieropolis Archeology Museum: Pamukkale Village Denizli
AkhanKervansaray: CaferSadıkAbalıoğluBulvarıDenizli
Aphrodisias Ancient City: GeyreKaracasuAydın