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Assos with its unique beauty in the west, Ayvalık as one of the most beautiful corners of the Aegean in the south, and Erdek with Manyas Bird Sanctuary in the north... If we add the magnificent Kaz Mountain as its foundation, we can say that an unforgettable holiday awaits you in Edremit. Renting a car is the most practical way to explore these beauties. After taking the first step and completing the car rental process in Edremit, you can determine your route with the recommendations of locals of Edremit. "What to eat in Edremit?", "Where are the historical places of Edremit?", "Where can you enjoy the sea in the bay?" We have collected the answers to these questions for you.

What to Eat in Edremit?

What to Eat in Edremit?

When it comes to Edremit, the first thing that comes to mind is the olives grown in the region and the olive oil obtained from these olives. Of course, seafood is the most popular regional cuisine. Angler, sprat, seabass and bream are the favorites of Edremit locals. Local people recommend you to try the saçaklı mantı prepared by sprinkling chicken on it as well as Balıkesir kaymaklısı, mafiş and höşmerim desserts.

Where to Have Breakfast in Edremit?

Where to Have Breakfast in Edremit?

You will not forget the taste of the breakfasts you will have in Edremit for a long time. You will be able to taste the most natural form of everything at the tables enriched with olive oil. Although it is difficult to choose among Edremit's breakfast venues, you can prioritize places that offer an experience in touch with the nature. You will know that you are at the right place to start the day among the shades of green!

Where to Have Lunch and Dinner in Edremit?

In Edremit, there are places where you can enjoy barbecue in the shades of blue and green, accompanied by fresh air and a unique view. If you cannot give up red meat for lunch and dinner, you should try the flavor of coal fire.

If you plan to be in Erdek during lunch hours and prefer fish, your address should be the port. You can pamper yourself with fresh fish and delicious appetizers on the boats serving as restaurants.

For dinner, you can find delicious alternatives in Akçay, the holiday town about 10 km from Edremit. We can say that not only Akçay and its surroundings, but also the best fish restaurants of Balıkesir are located here. You can find delicious seafood and appetizers in these casual but very famous places by the sea.

Places to Visit in Edremit

Places to Visit in Edremit

Akçay, Altınoluk and Burhaniye are the vacation towns right next to Edremit. Akcay, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun, is 10 kilometers from the center, 15 kilometers from Burhaniye and 30 kilometers from Altınoluk.

Ayvalık, 45 kilometers away, and Assos, 70 kilometers away, are among the exciting alternatives. Let us add that the view that will accompany you on the Edremit-Assos road will be one of the unforgettable moments of your trip.

You would not have fully discovered Edremit without seeing the Kaz Mountain, where nature will embrace you with all its generosity. You can spend a day here, and relax your soul by practising yoga or walking. The fresh air to fill your lungs will be the greatest gift this unique mountain will give you.

Historical Places of Edremit

Historical Places of Edremit

Antandros Ancient City near Akçay, where excavations are ongoing, is one of the important historical places around Edremit. Promising you a pleasant historical journey, Antandros is approximately 25 kilometers from Edremit.

Tahtakuşlar Ethnography Museum is a museum focusing on Turkmen culture and history. In the museum in Tahtakuşlar Village, 17 kilometers from Edremit, artifacts depicting the legends of Kaz Mountain are exhibited.

Nightlife in Edremit

Ghe clubs on the beaches come to mind when it comes to nightlife in Edremit, which is especially active in spring and summer months. There are quite popular places in the region. While famous faces perform in the venues that are vibrant in the summer seson, the most active point of the Edremit Bay continues to be Altınoluk Bars Street.

Edremit Car Rental

You can enjoy Edremit and its surroundings by renting a car from the Budget office. To rent a car in Edremit, you can make your reservation by phone or on our website.



Erdek Marina: Erdek coast
Kaz Mountains National Park: Pınarbaşı Village Edremit
Antandros Ancient City: Altınoluk Balıkesir
Tahtakuşlar Ethnography Museum: Tahtakuşlar Village Akçay Balıkesir