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Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Saklıkent and Kayaköy... The most practical way to see these beauties that nature and history gifted to Fethiye is to rent a car. This is not our opinion, but the locals of Fethiye whom we referred to. If you put car rental process in Fethiye at the top of your list, you will use your time more economically and you will not miss any place. "What to eat in Fethiye?", "Where to eat in Fethiye?", "What are the places to visit in Fethiye?" We asked these questions to the locals of Fethiye. If you are curious about the answers we haveve compiled for you, let's get started.

What to Eat in Fethiye?

What to Eat in Fethiye?

Seafood is at the center of Fethiye cuisine, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Sea bream, trout, perch and especially swordfish in spring months are the answers given to the question "What to eat in Fethiye?" without hesitation. Of course, red meat lovers can also find a taste to admire in Fethiye. Testi (jug) kebab is one of the most appealing tastes of the region. Flavors unique to Fethiye, which has been home to many civilizations, are not limited to these listed. Delicious flavors such as Babadağ keskkek, Ölemeç soup, leğen pastry, meat kapama, bulgur tomatoes and silcan herb roast are among the local flavors of Fethiye.

Breakfast in Fethiye

Breakfast in Fethiye

You can have breakfast in Enver Yalçın Yuruk Museum. Yes, you heard correctly. You can start the day in Fethiye by having breakfast in a museum. You will understand how right it is to rent a car in Fethiye when you arrive at the Yuruk Museum, which is 10 km from the center. Enver Yalçın Yuruk Museum exhibits hundreds of objects shedding light on the past of Fethiye, which is a Yuruk city, as well as being one of the best breakfast places in the region. Do not miss the flatbread, katmer and pastries on the menu of the museum. If you are in search of something different, you should enjoy the tomato paste toast in the region.

Where to Eat in Fethiye?

Where to Eat in Fethiye?

Fethiye is only one of the most popular holiday destinations not only in Turkey, but in the world. You can find prominent flavors from world cuisine and local dishes in the town, which is flooded by thousands of tourists throughout the year, especially during the summer months. Fethiye restaurants make it possible for you to experience brand new tastes while enhancing your experience with the variety of flavors they offer.

Places to Visit in Fethiye

Places to Visit in Fethiye

Ölüdeniz is one of the most special spots of Fethiye. In Ölüdeniz, which is 12 kilometers from the center and named after its still waters, you can try alternative sports in addition to its magnificent nature.

The famous Butterfly Valley, named after over 80 butterfly species living in the region, is another magnificent place in Fethiye. You can reach Butterfly Valley, about 25 kilometers from the center, via Ölüdeniz. Camping in one of the most impressive corners of the Mediterranean can be an unforgettable experience, the stars can wing at you at night.

Kabak, one of the untouched bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean, is one of the places we recommend you to see. Kabak Bay, which is about 33 kilometers from the center, is known as an important yoga center besides its natural beauties.

Saklıkent Canyon, about 45 kilometers from Fethiye, is a special place where you can meet nature. We recommend that you spare few hours for the 18-kilometer long canyon.

Historical Places of Fethiye

Kayaköy, an old Greek village, is a very impressive destination that stands out among the historical places of Fethiye. Because of population exchange between Greece and Turkey, Greeks had left the village and the Turks coming from and around Thessaloniki were settled here. Attracting attention with its architecture, Kayaköy is still quite impressive even though it is known as a ghost city. Kayaköy, which definitely deserves to be on your list, is located approximately 18 kilometers from the center.

Tlos Ancient City, built by the Lycians, is one of the historical beauties of Fethiye. Founded in the 3rd century BC, Tlos is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

Rock tombs in the center of Fethiye and the ancient city of Pinara, 45 kilometers to the center, are also impressive stops where you can see the traces of Fethiye's deep-rooted past. Telmessos Rock Tombs in the center are shown as one of the important cultural heritages of Fethiye and fascinate all visitors who want to witness the history.

Nightlife in Fethiye

If you want to have fun at the end of a pleasant day, you should go to Hisarönü. There are many entertainment venues in Hisarönü. Fethiye's vibrant nightlife continues until the morning, and the entertainment venues are literally full of people during the season. Moreover, the opportunity to choose between venues that offer entertainment in many different musical genres and concepts means that you will have great comfort.

Car Rental in Fethiye

Renting a car from the Budget Fethiye office is the first step to explore the city with pleasure. To rent a car in Fethiye, you can make your reservation using our contact information or via our website.

Budget Fethiye Car Rental Office
Address: Taşyaka Mahallesi Ölüdeniz Cad. No: 33/A (Erasta AVM Karşısı) Fethiye / Muğla
Phone: (0252) 6125952

Enver Yalçın Yuruk Museum: Kargı Köyü
Yakapark: Yakaköy Village
Fethiye Fish Market: Fethiye Merkez
Ölüdeniz: Ölüdeniz Fethiye
Butterfly Valley: Ölüdeniz Belediyesi Fethiye
Saklıkent Canyon: Saklıkent National Park Fethiye
Kayaköy: Kayaköy
Tlos Ancient City: Yakacık Village, Eşen, Fethiye, Muğla
Pınara: Minare Village Fethiye