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Although the apricot comes to mind first when you think of "Malatya", this city will surprise you with its nature, historical beauties and rich cuisine. Renting a car is the most practical way to explore the city in Malatya, where every corner is waiting to be discovered.

"What to eat in Malatya?" and "What are the historical places of Malatya?" We are sure that the answers we received to such questions will enhance your trip. You can evaluate the suggestions in our article to discover all the beauties of Malatya and have a fun holiday experience as well as a pleasant journey.

What to Eat in Malatya?

We can clearly say that Bulgur is the star of Malatya cuisine. Yassı (flat) meatballs, Malatya kebab, bulgur soup with lentils, analı kızlı stuffed meatballs, bildik dolması and panık are among the first bulgur dishes that come to mind.

Tortor, chard tzatziki and pumpkin sour are also among the local delicacies you must definitely try in Malatya. The main ingredient of desserts made in the city is apricot. Although its compote and jam is very tasty, the most delicious one is the apricot dessert with butter.

Of course, we should not forget legendary flavors such as roasted apricot, gırık, Malatya Kömbesi, Malatya eggplant pan, Malatya style squeezed meatballs, cherry leaf wraps, apple meatballs, banık meatballs and geleli kebab. The thing is that a complete culinary feast awaits you in Malatya!

Breakfast Places in Malatya

Breakfast Places in Malatya

You can be sure that you will start your day with maximum energy in the mornings in Malatya, which offers a magnificent experience with its rich cuisine also at breakfasts. With its authentic, modern and natural breakfast places, Malatya will win your heart with the variety of flavors it offers. As it has hosted many civilizations throughout history, some of these breakfast places will allow you to have a completely different experience with their historical texture.

Where to Eat in Malatya?

Where to Eat in Malatya?

In Malatya, it is possible to eat under the shade of the trees, in the nature and in an traditional environment. There are many alternative restaurants to eat in the city center and in its vicinity. If you wish, you can try the local flavors of Malatya, or you can choose the delicious flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine; you will have many alternatives to choose among and be pleased with the choices you make in Malatya.

Places to Visit in Malatya

Places to Visit in Malatya

Levent Valley in Akçadağ, which has a history of thousands of years, is a must-see for nature and adventure lovers. The valley, approximately 55 kilometers from the center, has an impressive beauty among steep and rugged mountains. You can enjoy the valley by trekking and spend time alone with nature away from the city. We suggest you not to forget to watch the valley from the observation terrace.

Günpınar Valley, which is about 117 kilometers from the city center, is one of the places that locals of Malatya recommend you to see. You can spend hours full of excitement by rafting in the 2-kilometer-long valley where many large and small waterfalls, caves, ponds and canyons are located.

If you are going to Malatya in November, we recommend you to check the program of Malatya Film Festival. Despite being new, the festival has become one of the most important organizations of Turkish cinema in a short time, and it is organized every year with the participation of significant actors and directors. During the festival, which is the most important event held in the city, the locals of Malatya have the opportunity to watch the latest examples of Turkish cinema. Cinema lovers may be interested in this alternative.

Historical Places of Malatya

Historical Places of Malatya

Ulu Mosque, one of the most important structures in the city, awaits you in Battalgazi, 11 kilometers from the center. The mosque, built by Kayqubad I in the 13th century, draws attention with its ornaments. Ulu Mosque is one of the places that people of Malatya recommend you to see.

When you come to Malatya, you should not forget see the Aslantepe Ruins. This place is one of the places where the concept of state first appeared 5000 years ago. You will see one of the oldest royal tombs in the world in the mound in Aslantepe, where the first city-state structure in Anatolia is observed.

Located in Arapgir district, Historical Stone Bridge will appear as one of the important artifacts reaching to our day. It is known that this work, which is unknown by whom and when it was built, has been standing since the 3rd century.

If you are in Malatya, one of the destinations you should visit to feel the historical texture of this city is Malatya Castle. The castle, which was built upon the request of the Roman Emperor Trajanus, is referred to as "Rakabe Castle" in Evliya Çelebi's travel book.

Nightlife in Malatya

Malatya is one of the most populous cities in the region, but it cannot be said that it offers many options for nightlife. Nevertheless, it can be stated that in recent years, nightlife has become a little more active with the increase of the student population in the province. Those who want to be involved in the nightlife in the city can head to taverns, alternatively they can visit places where live music performances are held.

Malatya Car Rental

Renting a car from the Budget Malatya office will allow you to explore the city with pleasure. You can make your booking for renting a car in Malatya by phone or via our website.

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