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Ordu is a special city surrounded by the harsh waters of the Black Sea and its magnificent nature. We are sure that you will have a great time in the city, which has been one of the popular stops of alternative tourism in recent years. No doubt, renting a car will make your time in the city more enjoyable. After the car rental step in Ordu, you can start to shape your to-do list for the city. "What to eat in Ordu?", "What are the historical places of Ordu?" you can set out your route with the answers we received from locals of Ordu these questions.

What to Eat in Ordu?

What to Eat in Ordu?

Every season in Ordu has its own flavors. For example, galdirik in spring and corn yağlaş in winter are the most popular dishes. Pita, which is eaten at all times of the year, is among the priorities of the city's cuisine. According to the people of Ordu who recommend you to taste the melocan, roasted tomato pickle and the bread named golit, you should not leave this city without trying steamed sea bass. Haddock and red mullet are the favorite fish that enrich the city cuisine. Pumpkin dessert and flour halva are also among the favorites of Ordu's people.

The local flavors of Ordu also include sakarca kayganası which is made of a healthy herb, fresh pea kaygana, bean dible, ovened beans, mısır yarmalı aş sarması, pazı mücveri, pancar döşemesi, corn soup, nettle soup, gendeme, steamed anchovy and phyllo pastry.

Where to Have Breakfast in Ordu?

Although there are many places in the city that serve classic Turkish breakfast, pita or Ordu toast should be eaten for the first meal of the day according to locals of Ordu. You can try the recommended flavors and consider the mixed breakfast options by choosing among Ordu breakfast places, which are also located in the city center among the green environment of Ordu. You can be sure that you will make a great start to the day whatever you choose.

Where to Eat in Ordu?

There are many different restaurants with different concepts to eat in Ordu. Seafood, red meat dishes and local delicacies are offered in the menus of Ordu restaurants. Finding alternatives suitable for every budget also enhances the dining experience. It is possible to restore energy in the middle of the day with delicious flavors and to close the day in a legendary way.

Places to Visit in Ordu

Places to Visit in Ordu

Ordu hosts many tourists during summer months due to its cool weather. When it comes to Ordu plateous, the first thing that comes to mind is Perşembe Plateau, which is 17 kilometers from the city center. Thursday Plateau, where you will spend unforgettable hours in the nature, is one of the places recommended by the locals of Ordu.

Ordu is a city that has been the subject of many legends. The most famous of these legends is about Cape Jason, about 30 kilometers from the city center. According to the Argonaut legend in mythology, the area where Jason landed was named after this legendary mythological leader. Jason, which is one of the most popular places not only in the city but also in the Black Sea, is a special place where history and nature meet. The most important building in Jason, where an ancient harbor and lighthouse is located, is the Hagios Nicholas Orthodox Church. Locals of Ordu say that it is an unique pleasure to have tea in the rural cafés against the view after exploring Jason.

Historical Places of Ordu

Historical Places of Ordu

The first of the historical places of Ordu is the Kurul Castle. The castle in Bayadı Village, 13 kilometers from the city center, is the first archaeological excavation site of the Eastern Black Sea Region. The building, which was built upon the order of Ponthus King XI Mitridates, is located in a sharp rock. The interior of the castle has turned into a settlement by time. The castle, where the ruins from Greeks, Romans and Persians can be seen, promises a pleasant historical journey to its visitors.

Taşbaşı Quarter, where Greeks and Armenians lived in the past, is one of the places worth seeing in Ordu city center. The historical neighborhood in Boztepe, which oversees the city from a bird's eye view, is known for its rare examples of Greek and Armenian architecture, the Greek church and its magnificent view.

Let us remind you that after your historical journey in Taşbaşı Quarter, you can spend exciting hours in Boztepe. Boztepe, one of the most important paragliding centers of the Black Sea, is known as one of the favorite destinations of adrenaline lovers. Flying over the city from a height of 450 meters is one of the must-do activities in the city, according to the people of Ordu. At the end of your trip in Boztepe, it may be fun to drink a foamy Turkish coffee in the cafés on the hill.

Ordu Car Rental

Renting a car from the Budget Ordu office will allow you to explore the city with pleasure. You can make your booking for renting a car in Ordu by phone or via our website.

Budget Ordu Car Rental Office
Address: Yeni Mah. Sanayiciler Cad. No: 2/AD: 1 Ordu
Phone: (0452) 214 0052

Cape Jason: Çaytepe Perşembe Ordu
Kurul Castle: Bayadı Village Ordu
Taşbaşı Neighborhood: Boztepe Ordu
Perşembe Plateau: Aybastı Village Ordu