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Hit the Road to Rize

Hit the Road to Rize

Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Rize shows the most characteristic features of the region. It differs from other regions of Anatolia with its cultural structure as well as its geographical structure. It is a very special touristic city with its steep valleys, mountains to climb, glacial lakes, emerald green plateaus, historical arch bridges and castles, and fervently flowing streams.

Renting a car in Rize offers great comfort on trips, as there are many destinations waiting to be explored in different areas of Rize. You can also benefit from the services of the Budget Rize car rental office to explore all the beauties of Rize, and enjoy freedom while determining your route.

What to Eat in Rize?

Rize, where green and blue together create a fascinating effect, is a city that will impress you with its local cuisine. One of the first dishes you should try in this unique destination influencing the Turkish cuisine is mıhlama. Baked beans with meat, Rize kavurma, sac kavurma, Rize pita, Laz pastry, pilaf with anchovy, corn bread and pazı tavalısı will also take you on a culinary adventure.

After the main courses, you can end your meals with delicious flavors such as enişte lokumu, pumpkin dessert with molasses, Rize rice pudding and pepeçura. You cannot say "no" to these delicacies.

Places to Visit in Rize

Places to Visit in Rize

Neighboring the cities Trabzon, Artvin, Erzurum and Bayburt, Rize is one of the frequent destinations of Black Sea tours. Rize, which is flooded by local and foreign tourists especially in spring and summer months, increases its tourism potential day by day.

When you are overwhelmed by the extreme heat in the summer, Rize's plateaus welcome you with the fresh air. Since it receives abundant precipitation every season, its land is covered with dense forests. Chestnut, beech, alder, laurel, plane tree, ash and hornbeam are among the trees in Rize.

Rize is the pearl of the Eastern Black Sea Region with its untouched nature, beautiful plateaus and historical structures. Rize plateaus are flooded by nature lovers especially in the spring and summer months. Ayder Plateau, Ovit Plateau, Pokut Plateau, Anzer Plateau, Gito Plateau and Elevit Plateau stand out among Rize plateaus, which show all shades of green. You can witness unforgettable entertainments in the plateaus with the festivals held in different periods of the year, store plenty of oxygen in your lungs and take wonderful photographs. Rize plateaus, which are covered with snow not only in spring and summer, but also in winter, are worth seeing.

Rize is also very convenient for nature sports. You can paddle against the raging waters of Fırtına Creek, which is one of the most suitable places for rafting, and experience moments full of adrenaline. With zipline, which is one of the most popular activities of the summer months, you can see all the beauty of Ayder Plateau from above. You can have the opportunity to witness the unique nature of Rize closely with trekking, which is also on the radar of those who are interested in birdspotting and photography.

Kaçkar, Turkey's fourth highest mountain, is an important climbing area for mountaineering lovers.

You can go on trekking in destinations such as Badara Plateau, Çat Valley, Çiçekli Plateau, Palovit Waterfall, Zil Castle, Avusor Plateau, Huser Plateau, Welsh Plain and Kavrun Plateau, and also experience a unique camping experience.

Historical Places to Visit in Rize

Historical Places to Visit in Rize

Rize will give you an unforgettable holiday experience with its unique nature and the variety of activities it offers, as well as its historical texture. Rize Castle, located on a natural hill 150 meters above the sea, is among the first historical buildings you should see. After the castle, which is located on an area of 480 square meters, Zile Castle also attracts attention with its characteristics that will fascinate you.

Ciha Castle, which is located in Pazar district and built in the 14th century, Kız Castle in the same district and Kale-i Bala in Çamlıhemşin also reflect the past.

Among the historical destinations you should visit in Rize include İslampaşa Mosque, Şimşirli Village Mosque, Şenköy Mosque and Şeyh Mosque. We recommend that you add Rize Museum and Atatürk House and Ethnography Museum to your route.

When you plan for your Black Sea trip, you can spend at least three or four days in Rize and have a travel experience that will haunt your mind for a long time.

What to Buy from Rize?

"What to buy from Rize, the land of tea?" you will see that the greenest tea fields will give you the answer. You will want to take and drink this delicious tea with you wherever you go. Apart from that, Rize will offer you different alternatives for souvenirs. On the return trip, you can have unforgettable memories from your Rize tour by buying Anzer Honey, Hemşin socks, copper items, needle laces and model jewelries.

Rize Car Rental

You can explore the city with pleasure by renting a car from the Budget Rize office. You can make your booking for renting a car in Rize by phone or via our website.

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